Aerobic Gymnastics Workshops

Britt is an active member in the Aerobic Gymnastics community and believes this sport can lead to many incredible opportunities and friendships. Britt loves to share her knowledge and experiences with athletes and coaches.

Britt combines her knowledge of Aerobics with her experience as a Circus Artist. These fun 2 hour workshops aim to leave the participants feeling invigorated and provoked with new thoughts after leaning in a engaging envoirnoment. 

Bringing art to your routine

Learn how to perform your routine. Develop techniques to bring your routine to life on stage and leave the audience & judges with goosebumps. 

Creative tumbling       

Explore how your body can move and with interact with the floor to create innovate transitions and G+ content in your routine. 

Group acrobatics & lifts

Enjoy learning to work with your team mates in a new way. This workshop will go though the technique and strength needed to incorporate lifts & interactions into your routine.

All standard workshops are $200.00 for 2 hours.

Britt is also available for Private Sessions.